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São Pedro do Sul
São Pedro do Sul, Várzea e Baiões
Terreno com 1200m2
Terreno com 1200m2

Terreno com 1200m2

85 000 €
São Pedro do Sul, Várzea e Baiões, São Pedro do Sul, Viseu
71 €/m²


Área de terreno (m²):
1 200 m²


Terreno com 1200m2, Projecto para Habitação. Excelente localização, em São Pedro do Sul.

Viseu, a city located in the mid-north of portugal, one hour and half away by car from the sea (approximately 100km east of the Atlantic Ocean), has a central position in relation to the district. This city has been receiving the seal of the best city to live in Portugal for several years, cultivating the art of welcoming anyone from any part of the world.
With a population of 100.000 inhabitants, the city is a regional economic hub with a strong wine industry (Dão wine region), thermal/cultural tourism and services.
Surrounded by various rivers and mountains, its location is centered in the map where cultural heritage and gastronomy are some of the main local qualities. Viseu is known as the City garden due to its green parks and centenary trees. The gardens and parks are a stage to vibrant events that are held throughout the year.
The region is home to various museums and churches where hospitality is a strong feature of the district.
Viseu has a mild climate, however the climate is characterized by hot summers and wet winters.
Thanks to the low cost of living, safety, city planning, education, sports and leisure, this city is one of the best places to live in Portugal.


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