But just where in Portugal are the best places to invest in property? We’ve looked at the average property and rental values (per square metre) for each of the most populated Portuguese municipalities to find out.

Portugal’s Top 5 Buy to Let Hotspots

With an average property price of €1,037 (per m2) and an annual rent of €77.16 (per m2), the city of Amadora, just outside of Lisbon, came out on top, with an average rental yield of 7.44%, with properties in Lisbon itself offered the worst value, with a yield of just 4.74%.


Portugal’s Buy to Let Hotspots - Ranked

Portugal’s Buy to Let Hotspots - Ranked


Average median value per m2 of dwellings sales and median house rental value per m2 of new lease agreements of dwellings both taken from the Instituto Nacional de Estatistica 2017 Regional Statistical Yearbook (Data Tab 13-14).

We multiplied the median rental value by 12 to give an annual figure, before dividing this figure by the median house value for each municipality to give the rental yield percentage.

(Note: We only looked at municipalities with populations of over 100,000 people.)